Monday, April 4, 2011

Dealing With Difficult People

Most difficult people are either complainers, whiners or yellers! - and dealing with each one of them requires a different strategy.

If you're dealing with a chronic screamer, don't take his anger personally, but instead try to change the way you look at him. If you're visualizing your boss as a toddler having a meltdown, you wouldn't regret leaving work and you feel much better mood each day after that.

In dealing with whiners, it;s just best to listen to them first. Whiners mostly tend to be perfectionists. Once you've listened to their whines, try summarizing the problems you heard to let them know you're paying attention. Then, ask them to suggest any solutions. At least 9 out of 10 will come up with a good answer and go happily on their way.

Try using sarcasm strategically when dealing with a negative person. Maybe try some little ironic humor like; "You're right, this problem is hopeless, we should all give up." Keep it playful. You don't want to antagonize him. Just make it clear that you're not interested in his woe-is-me litany!

It's always a relief to vent with an ally.