Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is Your Surfing Safe?

Today, wi-fi networks are almost everywhere,-you can easily access them in parks, airports, coffee shops, schools, etc...
They can even pop up in dozens on your laptop and you name your choice! Of course, the official-sounding "free public wi-fi" is always there, which many prefers to use.
But still, not all are aware that a free wi-fi are potentially dangerous even if you only do surfing in a few minutes. A lot can happen in a few minutes, including your identity being hacked, and all.

Hackers can do pretty much anything they want, like installing viruses and spywares on your PC and taking all your data.
You can still get the best defense like using a recognized network and have an up-to-date software.
While there's no way to be 100% secure, common sense goes a long way. One important thing to note when you're using wi-fi in public setting: - You shouldn't be banking or stock trading. Not even checking your bank account savings online is safe and therefore not recommended.