Monday, April 4, 2011

Finding the Perfect, Long Lasting Valentine's Day Gift

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

Yikes! It seems like no sooner do I get the Christmas stuff put away, and it is already time to start shopping for a Valentine's present. I like to make the Valentine's presents I give to be special and thoughtful. I typically will start thinking about what my loved ones would really appreciate long before the day approaches. I strive to find something that will last for years to come and will always serve as a reminder of who gave it to them.

This year, I have several Valentines on my list. I have a few ideas about what I would like, but will need to browse through a couple of stores to find the perfect gift. Before I head out on my Valentine's Day shopping expedition, I will set my home security alarm (deals HOME SECURITY).

I prefer to do my shopping at specialty stores that offer engraving on a variety of knick knacks and jewelry pieces. I have had the best luck finding these types of shops at malls. Engraving can help remind even the most forgetful person about who gave them a particular trinket. I find it is best to combine beautiful with practical. Pens, paper weights and frames are just some of the things that are seen or used regularly that can be engraved with a special message or date.