Thursday, February 21, 2008

Doggies Do's and Don'ts

For those of you who are dog lovers like me, here are some tips :)
  • Wake up and walk. - Most dogs are wired up to be active. When they are not, pent-up energy leads to whining and chewing. Take your dog on a 45-minute walk or run before work. If you can, hire a dog walker for midday. " A dog that's tired doesn't bite, dig holes or bark."
  • Touch but never hit. - Don't be afraid to use touch to tell a dog he's broken the rules: Pulling at the tuft of the neck and giving a gentle nudge is good - not to hurt the dog, but to surprise and correct.
  • Be the boss. - Everybody wants to be a dog's best friend, but dog don't follow friends; they follow a leader, says Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. Establish leadership from the get-go: head and shoulders up. Walk ahead going out of the door; only let him bound ahead if you give the okay. And be firm: Dogs need consistent structure and routine.
  • Go to the pros. - If your dog bites or is overly agressive, seek help from a dog trainer.