Friday, February 8, 2008

How to Protect Your Identity From Being Stolen.

  1. Write as few checks as possible. - A personal check is a one-stop shopping for a thief: It has your name, address, account number and signature-enough information for someone to "rob you blind".

  2. Keep your Social Security number private. - Doctor's offices and many other places will request it, but you don't have to tell them. Who is entitled to know? Your employer, the DMV, banks and IRS.

  3. Beware of bank e-mails. - If you get one that asks you to go to a website and input personal details, ignore it. Impostors can create fake sites, down to the logo. No bank or credit card company will send an e-mail asking for that kind of information.

  4. Watch the mail. - Thieves can nab your bill and change the address to which it is sent, hoping you won't notice. Statements usually arrive on a regular cycle; if yours doesn't come, call the company and find out why-for once!-it's not asking for your money.