Thursday, February 21, 2008

ID Theft Quiz

Since Lifelock has been founded and incorporated in April 2005, they have become the industry leader in identity theft protection and recovery. Now, you can receive the best Lifelock Promotion Code for 30 days FREE, and 17.5% OFF annual membership. Once you purchase an annual membership at Lifelock, you will receive the first 30 days free plus you will save $21.00 from the annual subscription price. If you prefer to choose paying monthly, you will receive 10% off your subsription cost just by using the Lifelock Promotion Code RD17. Your good name is immediately protected once you sign up together with several benefits such as immediate protection by the Lifelock $1 million guarantee, you will know whenever anyone tries to use your credit before damage is done, you will be protected from unsolicited credit card offers, know where your credit stands by receiving free credit reports, and you will save time as well as protect your privacy by stopping your junk mail. Why not give it a try and start using Lifelock Promo Code today!

You might also want to try and take their Identity Theft Quiz online which is offered as a free public service. Don't worry about your personal information being divulged because it won't :) The quiz is anonymous
and can be completed in less than 3 minutes. A safety score and some practical steps to take to protect your identity will be given after the quiz. So, if you think your name is being compromised, don't wait until it will be too late. Lifelock has been highly recommended by people who had been victims and now using Lifelock. Why not? They offer the most comprehensive ID Theft Protection available today.