Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Major Meltdown at Work? what?

Most of us take our emotions to work with us. What happens during a major meltdown?

Here are some tips that might help:
  1. Acknowledge the outburst. - If you cried, tell your boos, "I had strong feelings, but I've pulled myself together." Angry fits, but might require a mea culpa :) If you lashed out, apologize and explain.

  2. Get back to work. - Even if your boss offers to give you the rest of the day off, stay. Prove to your boss you can be productive again immediately.

  3. Prevent future freak-outs. - Most meltdowns usually happen after weeks or months of frustration. So, if you're unhappy, present potential solutions to your boss before you reach another breaking point.

  4. If someone blows up at you...- Don't get dragged into their drama. Shift to listening mode-briefly-then excuse yourself. It's okay to say "When I'm being to like this, it's difficult to communicate. Let's take a break and try again later."

Have a nice working day :)