Thursday, February 28, 2008

Keys to Ocean Kayak Fishing

  • Get Started. Go for a rotomolded sit-on-top model kayak. Ocean kayak fishing isn't for everyone; find out if it's for you before spending large amount of money.
  • Don't go too far from the launch point, so you can call it a day if you're too tired, in trouble, or just bored.
  • In addition to kayak and paddle, you'll need a personal flotation device, an emergency whistle, a landing net, a bottle of water, some lures, etc.
  • Create tackle storage cheaply with a plastic milk crate. Use plastic cable zip ties to secure pieces of 1 1/2-inch PVC pipe to its sides to serve as rod holders, then use bungees to secure it to your boat.
  • Out on the ocean (or deep lake), use drop-shot casting.
  • Bring a mesh bag to hold your catch. Tie it to your kayak with nylon rope and drag it behind you to keep your prey alive (just like chubby chaser Buffalo Bill did).