Thursday, February 21, 2008

Slow Down, Get Happy

Just a third of adults in the United States say they are "very happy", while about half say they're "pretty happy." Who does that leave? Two types of people: miserable wretches and folks who just don't know.
Pew Research Center Poll did offer one statistical nugget that may remind more of us how to find bliss: 42% of those who say they "almost never feel rushed" (could we please trade places with them for a couple of years?) are very happy. Translation: Take it easy-you'll feel better.

A second recent survey dug a bit deeper in terms of what brings joy. This poll, from Dirdections Research, suggested that happiness is highest among adults who dine with friends regularly or frequent the movies.

Yes, it's hard to find time to stop and smell the roses these days (we're all so busy waking up to smell the coffee), but why not round up a few pals for dinner and a trip to the multiplex? Consider it part of the fight for your right to be happy :)