Monday, February 25, 2008

Telemarketing Service

Telemarketing UK is a common method being done in UK for generating sales opportunities and maximise returns from new and existing customers. Without customers, a company cannot possibly expand or even remain or stay that long in the business world. Telemarketing itself is a process of gathering potential customers your company's products or services with them. This in turn will make good quality leads with people interested in your products, improving the results of your sales team. Blueberry marketing solutions focuses on telemarketing that uses unscripted calling to generate warm, relevant leads for our clients. They work with wide variety of companies such as from the IT sector, marketing, web development to health and education. Blueberry has knowledgeable staff members as well, who take genuine interest in helping clients increase their business through the services they provide, with their personal and dedicated approach. They provide various services such as appointment making, lead generation, database cleaning, customer maximisation, sales training and market research. Blueberry marketing solutions is now offering free sales and marketing review worth £250 involving looking at your current direct marketing strategies and providing advice on how to maximise your opportunities in new and existing markets, looking at a range of short, medium and long terms goals for your company. Come and work with the lead generation specialists. Your business is in good hands with them :)