Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CD Rates

There is one personal finance site that tracks the best CD rates (certificate of deposit) accounts, as well as the best rates for checking accounts and savings accounts, from all credit unions and banks across the United States. You can try visiting eMoneyCentral.com to see more informations.
On the site, you can be able to compare rates on savings, checking and certificate of deposit accounts by visiting the rate pages menu buttons which can be easily accessed by a top navigation bar.
eMoneyCentral.com proides listings for checking accounts earning up to 6% annual percentage yield, as well as savings accounts that earn up to 4.05% APY in which these accounts are from credit unions and federally insured banks. In addition to, eMoneyCentral.com has so much more informative guidelines to offer such as readers can read reviews from current and former account holders, learn more about features of each account, view rates of the highest yielding savings and money market accounts, and many more.
Do you want to get a high-yield savings account for emergency fund, or lock in a high CD rate? Then eMoneyCentral is the site for you! :).