Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Your Doctor Says...

Myth: Mothers believe that crawling for their baby is an important step for brain development.

Answer: False

Your doctor says:

Many children never crawl during their growing up stage, and none of the professional developmental charts that assess infant's progress include crawling. What is important is that a child sits up, pulls himself up to standing, cruises and then walks. How he gets around in the meantime can be a variety of creative movement. Like for instance, some children sit in a half-lotus position and scoot backward. Some sit on their behind and bounce from one place to another. Some children roll around the house.
Parents need to be sure to give infants some tummy time so they can learn to roll over, scoot and move horizontally to get at toys. Don't use a walker, which can be dangerous and can impede a child's motivation to get around on his own.