Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is He The One?

This seems a little bit funny...but I read this one article about getting some facts on who a real plumber is.
Here is the guide to decide whether he is THE plumber or if he is A plumber. I mean, you got to choose THE plumber, he's the real one! :)
When he arrives at your door...
He is: If he looks professional.
He isn't: If you can tell he had a chilidog for lunch.
When he enters your home...
He is: If he puts shoe covers on to protect your carpet and floors.
He isn't: If he gives you the number of a carpet cleaner and says, "You'll be needing this."
When you ask for an estimate...
He is: If he hands you a pricing menu that shows what every repair will cost.
He isn't: If he says, "How about a guesstimate instead?"
When he finishes the job...
He is: If he leaves his work area as clean as when he started.
He isn't: If he glances around at the mess and says, "Looks like you're the one who has a job to do now."
When you ask for an explanation of the problem...
He is: If he gives you a clear and detailed answer.
He isn't: If he says he'll need to speak to his lawyer before answering questions.