Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Residential Roofing in America

GAF Materials Corporation has gone a long way since it was founded in 1886, and has grown ever since to become North America's largest manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing. Now, they are the fastest growing building products manufacturers that offer high quality products in roofing, decking, railings, decorative stone, ductwork and specialty fabrics. No wonder why it is the best and the safest choice for many. Explore GAF Roofing Options! This can take you further why GAF Materials Corporation has the best designs. Don't you think it is just a fun and smart idea of investing through GAF-Elk's premium designer shingle collection? At the end of it, you will discover your money is worth it by maximizing your property with some visual appeal through GAF-Elk's roofing designs. Their premium designer shingle collection has been "the choice" of many property owners, designers, and even architects. With a huge options to choose from, you can even make your home more appealing that can further emulate the rich look of natural materials of your property such as slate, wood and stone. You can be guaranteed that GAF-Elk's premium designer shingles give you the best performance, even exceeding industry performance standards. No wonder,... they are offering an exceptional warranty protection as well. Every product of this includes a lifetime (more than 50 years) warranty against manufacturing defects and a non-prorated reimbursement for replacement materials and installation labor for the first ten years, plus a 100mph wind coverage.
Quality wise, products are rigorously evaluated through research and quality control.
GAF Materials Corporation has so much things to be proud of and to offer to its customers in the field of roofing and building industry. To name a few; it has been awarded no. 1 visual brand by Life Magazine, it has been considered the inventor of the timberline shingle, which is the no. 1 selling architectural shingle in North America, it is rated as no. 1 in shingle quality by home builders, winner of the Builder's Choice Award, and more good reasons that you can discover furthermore by browsing the site. Get that high quality roofing for your home today!