Monday, April 7, 2008

"Down and Blue"

Until now, I can't still seem to get it why I feel so down and blue, since Saturday. My weekend wasn't that good, and my husband was able to detect it. He knows the real me, so he asked me why. I can't even give him the answer and I told him I don't know why I am just down and sad. I suddenly missed my family in the Philippines. He suggested we can go out and eat somewhere else, which I obliged because I was getting hungry too. I got too full. :) He asked me how am I feeling so far. I told him; I am getting at the middle and feeling "green". LOL! So, he told me back, oh, so I need to help you get back on top and feel "pink"...Geesh, that was funny. AT least I had some laughs.
I woke up today with a slight headache, and the mess inside the house started bothering me. I am not used to seeing many mess (that's my hubby's den). I have to throw some stuffs away although I can't seem to touch any of his stuffs because at times he search for things that I already have thrown away! Oh my, what a sad Monday!