Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The 10 Commandments of Summer Beauty

Obey these simple hair, makeup and body rules and you'll look extra sexy all season.
  1. THOU SHALT HAVE REALLY JUICY LIPS - So sexy, you basically don't need any other make up (especially if you're wearing Texas-size sunglasses.) Just swipe on abalm with SPF, apply shiny coral lipstick with a brush, blot with a paper towel and top with sheer gloss.
  2. THOU SHALT NOT FEAR BRIGHT LINER - Summer's the best time to have fun and not get too serious about your makeup. The key to pulling off vivid liner: Pick one that has a bit of shimmer. Then go with nudish shades on cheeks and lips.
  3. THOU SHALT USE SPF ALL OVER - Plenty of women diligently slather SPF 45 on their faces, but use a stingy SPF 8 everywhere else. It's not enough protection, even if you were born with olive skin like Brazilian models :). Wearing a one piece won't substitute for SPF either; rays can sneak through, especially if the fabric is wet, light colored or stretched out. Before suiting up, rub on a lightweight yet powerful sunscreen. Reapply after every swim.
  4. THOU SHALT HONOR THY NATURAL SKIN COLOR - If you're pale, you're pale! In a sea of self-tanned faces, your God-given hue can look refreshingly unique. To play up any skin tone, add a drop of makeup bronzer to your sunscreen and use rosy lip gloss.
  5. THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT MATCHY-MATCHY - Same-color nails and toes are fine, but in summer, two contrasting hues look so much sexier. The season's too short to do only one standout polish color at a time! A pretty combo: petal-pink on hands and a bright fuchsia on toes ;).
  6. THOU SHALT MASTER THE QUICK BUN - The las thing any woman should have to do when it's gorgeous outside is wrestle her hair into some complicated updo. A lot easier: Make a low ponytail and secure with an elastic, then twist into a loose bun and bobby-pin in place. Got short hair? Pull it into a baby ponytail and tie on a scarf headed-band style, knotting it at the nape of your neck.
  7. THOU SHALT NOT PANIC OVER HAIR REMOVAL - Don't freak if you haven't got time to shave before you head outside. It's actually better to shave in the PM. - salt, sun and chlorine can all irritate freshly shaved legs, leaving you with some pretty unsexy red bumps.
  8. THOU SHALT NOT DO BATTLE WITH THINE HAIR - Got waves or curls? Forget trying to torture them straight; it's a can't-win battle during the summer. To bring out your natural texture and defrizz, do a few quick twirls with a medium size curling iron. Straight haired? Just use a jumbo curling iron to give your ends bounce. And no matter what type of hair you have, keep it protected from the sun, which can dry yours out and sap shine.
  9. THOU SHALT NOT SUCK IN THY STOMACH - Knowing no one's perfect is what separates the confident women from the nervous girls. If you've got curves, feel free to exhale and strut your stuff. All of it.
  10. THOU SHALT RELAX THY BEAUTY ATTITUDE - This time of year you can stop pressing about things like tiny lines and pore size-when you're showing this much skin, nobody's going to be looking at your pores.