Thursday, May 1, 2008

Candles for Home Decor

My husband love scented candles, and actually he loves collecting them :). We have at least various types of scented candles at home, and we use it to drive away bad smokes too.
I've also seen some fancy candles at the stores, but whoa! prices are expensive. Now, it is good to know Esque Candles are here, which are really ideal for home decors as well, besides the fact that prices are much cheaper and affordable compared to branded decorated candles which are expensive. And, yes, I agree, these candles are elegant looking. Might be good to buy some few ones for gift giving. For sure, my hubby would love them. He's a candle collector!...he doesn't only collect scented ones, but unscented as well. So, an addition to his collections would be esque candles! :) Joyous candle is really a good site for candle lovers! I like the products too! :).