Friday, May 2, 2008

Page Rank Come and Goes!

My domain PR went nada...(as in "wala na") on my other blog few weeks ago. I was about to give this subdomain up and shift it to a domain name when suddenly it went up from PR2 to PR 4. Well, I suddenly held up the plan for a moment, lol! Since there are offers coming, that should be better for a while. Just in case Google will de-rank it, it's time to implement the plan...not unless it goes up for more! :).
Currently, I am doing a lot of readings about google page rank. I got hooked on the topics about what happens when PR is de-ranked or some know-how's how to avoid PR deranking. It's tough learning it because it involves a lot of terms much deeper than I undertsand. But it is challenging in some ways...I am learning! I would like to try "trial and error" with the techniques as I read them, and see how it goes. But for now, I need to catch the coming offers before my PR becomes nowhere to be found! :).