Monday, May 5, 2008

Bad Advertiser at PPP Blacklisted!

Today, I received 3 emails from PPP requesting me to remove the 3 paid posts I posted on my 3 blogs due to the advertiser's questionable transaction to PPP. I wouldn't be dropping names but I have to state the reason why. The advertiser used an unauthorized credit card in paying the ads to PPP but I guess PPP discovered the anomalous transactions.
It is just only FAIR to respect and follow PPP's decision to remove my posts on my blogs. Besides, I am with PPP's side, and I wouldn't tolerate this as well. It was so nice of PPP to pay me from their own funds and they believe I did get the ad and posted it in good faith. That's true. I drained my brain just to promote the advertiser's site, only to know at the end it will become useless. The reason why PPP is still willing to pay me. Thanks a lot Pay per Post! Although I meet some glitches at times when grabbing some opps in the marketplace, I STILL LOVE PAYPERPOST!!! :).

To the Advertiser: You messed up the clean and peaceful flow of the blogging industry. Did you ever think of the outcome you've done? You will be banned not only from bloggers, but other paid blogging sites as well. You took the risk...a bad risk! Do you think your site would gain a good reputation for the mess you've done? Bloggers can be dangerous enemies, mind you! I can be one of them, but I won't be doing it. I am just glad I didn't become a member of that site you are promoting. You should be grateful, I didn't reveal your site's name. I hate name dropping, so that ends the issue.

To All Bloggers: If you happen to receive same emails about a blacklisted advertiser, DELETE your posts immediately. Let's unite bloggers!

To PPP: Thanks fo your generosity and consideration.