Thursday, May 1, 2008 - A Great Search Engine

Are you wondering how you can find a great helper to find people on the web? Well, here comes - A Great Place for Search. Spock is considered to be the first editable search engine for people search on the web. It uses a combination of search engine technologies in which user edits them and make it searchable. You can find all kinds of searchable informations whether it's a long lost friend, celebrities, or any interesting people you would like to search. You can as well search photos, videos, blogs and websites of people. One of the best features of Spock is that it gives you current updates on your people search. That means you can track that person you want to by saving a collection of that person's information so you can easily get quick updates everytime you visit. If you prefer other methods of doing it instead of visiting quite often, you can subscribe for email alerts, RSS feeds, or access their informations through your favorite social network.
Another good feature of Spock is you can create community where users can share more informations about people you commonly share interest with. This is one unique feature of Spock that differs it from typical traditional search. People search requires more than technology as well as human input. Spock search is fun because interesting and other relevant informations about people are being added everyday by many users.
Spock started in the year 2006 by Jay and Jaideep. It has grown impressively and now includes scientists and engineers that belong from top schools such as Princeton, Caltech,Stanford and many others.