Saturday, May 10, 2008

Facts About Structured Settlements

Stone Street Capital, a structured settlement company has been in the business for nearly twenty years and considered to be a leader in the specialty finance industry. Stone Street Capital provides lump sum cash for structured settlements. That is why they are also a known leader in the lump sum industry and for almost twenty years that has been helping thousands of people nationwide.
Structured Settlement can provide for payment in any schedule the parties choose which may be paid in annual installments or a number of years, or it may be paid in periodic lump sums every few years. It's an insurance or financial arrangement of fixed payments with fixed intervals.
Structured Settlements can also serve the purpose to provide income over time, but sometimes, unforeseen circumstances occur, making you needing cash urgently. One given option is to sell your structured settlement for up-front money. This is when Stone Street comes in wherein they provide lump sum cash for structured settlements.
You can visit Stone Street today and if you are interested in finding out how much you can get for your structured settlement, lottery, annuity, contest or slot jackpot prize payments, you can get your free quote online or call them for free at 1-800-LUMP-SUM. Stone Street Capital is also known by its specialty finance industry, buying future payment streams from personal injury settlements and lawsuit settlements. Get your cash now as urgent as you need them only at Stone Street Capital.