Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Silent Killer: Nightmare ("Bangungot")

What u need to know about NIGHTMARE or BANGUNGOT & some realities.

This information came from a US-based pharmacist. Nightmare or "bangungot" in Tagalog is one of the most common silent killers in the Philippines and mostly affects men. I am not sure if this is common to some countries as well. But here are some vital informations.

IMPORTANT: Never go thirsty when going to bed and be
sure you have plenty of water during your 8-hour rest.
Bangungot has killed a male nurse of UERMMH. It is sudden death in adults which cause them to die while sleeping. Many theories have been put forward as its cause. However, here is an article which
sheds some light to the cause of this malady. Please read on:

The reported cause of actor Rico Yan's death is nightmare or
bangungot. Medical investigators in China , Japan and several Asian
countries who performed autopsies on persons who died from "acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis" found out that the majority of them had
eaten NOODLES as their supper. This was a startling finding.

However, it wasn't the noodles that caused nightmares but
DEHYDRATION. Imbibing even with a few drinks of alcohol or just
eating noodles immediately before bedtime compound this on an empty stomach will trigger an electrolyte imbalance and other factors that causes a person to dehydrate or lose water.

It is therefore advisable for a person to take several glasses of
water before bedtime if he had a few or several alcoholic drinks.
Avoid eating noodles before bedtime, but if you can not avoid it,
all ow at least two hours for the body to digest the noodles before
hitting the sack and drink plenty of water.

The most important thing is, never go thirsty when going to bed and
be sure you have plenty of water during your 8-hour rest.