Tuesday, May 27, 2008

8 Weird Things That Are Very, Very Normal

  1. Going barefaced. Only 29% of women say they wear makeup everyday.
  2. Washing your hair more often than you have to-45% of women shampoo daily or more, but sometimes all you need to do is rinse and condition.
  3. Primping in public. About 36% of people say they occasionally groom themselves-from touching up lipstick to restyling hair-at restaurants, bars and clubs.
  4. Not getting waxed: 76% of young women in one survey said they just use a razor on their bikini line.
  5. Cutting your own hair. 68% of women have done at-home trim job.
  6. Seriously considering cosmetic surgery. 25% of women say they'd do it in the future.
  7. Buying into hair color stereotypes: 76% of people believe the first female president will be a brunette but 65% say blonds are "more glamorous."
  8. Feeling better about your looks as you age. Half of women say they're more comfortable with their appearance now than they were in the past.