Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Here is another email that came into my inbox few days ago. As usual, I have been sharing all the email hoax that I have been receiving, including this one. If you happen to receive these types of emails, ignore them. The contents are pretty much the same except that they change some of the informations like the place, the names of the persons involved, and the heading.

The contents of the actual email are below:

PHONE: +27 837309092
FAX: +27 86 668 3730

Dear Sir/Madam,

I Can understand how surprised this letter will mean to you, but please consider this letter as a genuine request from a family in dire need of your humble assistance.
Firstly, I must introduce myself. I am Peter Muzerewa. A Citizen of Zimbabwe, but I am contacting you from South Africa where I am now seeking political asylum. I got your contact from the web while looking for a capable person that will help us.

I am the son of JOHN DUBE MUZEREWA, a wealthy farmer and senior politician with the opposition political party in my country, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). Our wicked President ROBERT MUGABE murdered my father, before I run away from my country because I have become his next target to eliminate. My father was a fighter for Justice and a moving force in The MDC, a party wanting to end the several years of brutal Dictatorship government of President Robert Mugabe. You will read more stories about President Mugabe's brutal acts by visiting this web site:

My father was accused of assisting the White farmers in fighting the government. Few weeks after his arrest, he was reported dead. The government claimed he died of heart attack and his body was never seen for proper autopsy, they buried him in the government cemetery. My father's associate Mr. Martin Olds, a White farmer from Britain assisted me in fighting my father's death through the Court and media.

The Government saw us as a big treat to them and decided to eliminate us. Mr. Olds was attacked and murdered in his House, but fortunately, before they came looking for me, I received the news and I left the country through the border to South Africa to save my life.

Here is my reason for contacting you. My father deposited a huge Sum of money in the total sum of US$19,500,000.00 [Nineteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars] presently with privet Security Company in Johannesburg South Africa, my father kept this money in one trunk box in disguise as family treasures and could not bank them because of the situation in my Country.

The government seized my fathers farms and banks account before his arrest and Murder. He told me everything concerning the funds while he was still in detention. This is why I need your assistance in securing the funds there in your Country, so that I can arrange on how to come over to your country for the investment of the fund.

For your assistance, I will offer you 30% of this whole money, 10% will be set aside to cater for any expenses that may be incurred while the remaining 60% is for my family for the investment in your country.

Once again, I will be grateful if you can assist me in transferring this fund to your overseas account for investment.

You can contact me on telephone number +27 837309092 for more details as I have made all the arrangement with our Family Lawyer in South Africa on how to transfer this fund without a hitch.

Please, let me know if you can assist me, so that I can give you more details on how we shall proceed.

As I wait for your urgent Response, please treat this information as confidential.

Best Regards,
Mr. Peter Muzerewa (for the family)