Monday, May 5, 2008

Busy Weekends

Two days more before our travel, so I had many of the tasks mostly accomplished as I expected. I got a new haircut! :). Then, I had my driving lessons last Saturday, going to the grocery store, and went to the movie. I completely enjoyed the whole Saturday with my husband. Then, Sunday, we missed church because of our traditional dinner at our mom-mom's house. I was telling my husband, how I wish I could just spend longer days with him. Everytime he goes to work, I would be holding his hands so tight that he can't go off bed. I would tease him like that, and he would say how he wish he could have a longer day off. His vacations are being used for his outside work, so he can't take off. But anyway, as long as we can spend time together during the weekend, that's better than nothing. We are still blessed to have a good time such as that in the weekends.
Now, it's busy Monday for me...have to complete the packing just to avoid panics on Wednesday! :)