Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My "Wildest Vacation"

I have been to many of the states here in the US and so far, what I enjoyed most was my trip to Hollywood. During my trip, I got the chance to join the tour of Los Angeles, and I later analyzed that there are a lot of things to do in Los Angeles.
The first itinerary was in the Hollywood Walk of Fame...I got so excited that I got the chance to pose in different angles at each star there. I haven't been realizing that there are lots of them, and it was almost like I wanna take photos of each star! :). With so much poses and photos of the stars, my camera started to blink...and then says low on battery! Geesh...after a minute, camera went off...bye!!! no more photos. Waahh!, I missed some more sceneries. It was a little while before my husband finally convinced me to just come back the next day, lol! If you love sightseeing tours , Trusted Tours & Attractions can offer you big discounts, with a lot of places and famous landmarks to visit. There are also a lot of Things to do in Boston and I got more interested in either the lunch or dinner cruises, and perhaps a trip to Cape Cod. I am just curious about the place and what is in there :).
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