Thursday, May 1, 2008

Savings Accounts

WaMu is different from other banks. When it comes to saving services, they make things better for their customers and even their employees. WaMu is unique due to their innovative approach to banking, has a friendly staff, and their impressive work in the community such as in the field of education and affordable housing and community development supports.
WaMu offers various types of saving services to their customers, namely; online savings, statement saving, traditional, online and liquid CD's. Getting some Savings Accounts with WaMu is easy and convenient by doing it online. You can either choose to apply for a statement savings or online savings. Statement savings is the greatest way to start saving. You can open an account for as little as 4 bucks, and can access your account at any ATM or any WaMu branch. On the other hand, you can start opening an online savings with as low as a dollar in as fast as 7 minutes. With online savings, it is equipped with convenient online management with electronic statements and personal online banking.
If you want to apply for certificate of deposit, you can either choose what suits you online CD, traditional, liquid or retirement CD's. Online CD is perhaps one o the most convenient way to start saving because you can do it at the comfot of your own home where there is internet connection. The minimum amount to open for this is as low as $1,000 same thing with traditional and retirement CD's To know more about their CD services, you can browse and compare CD accounts at WaMu's site. From there, you can decide which is better for you or for your loved ones.
Start saving today for your future with WaMu.