Thursday, May 1, 2008

You Are Cordially Invited...

Wedding Invitations are just the first part of making couples' wedding day catchy and memorable. They say, they reflect about a couple's personality, and the creativity in them. The theme and the design reflects about the couple's outlook of their love together as they face to go on living a married life.
The Wedgewood Blue Fountain Wedding Invitation caught my eyes. I always love the powder blue color, the reason why I chose it as my wedding motiff when I got married. The theme itself is romantic which is to me, it is attractive and the embossed style makes it more elegant looking. The bride and groom design is I think the most ideal design in every wedding invitation because it speaks for the occasion itself. People who receives this type of invitation would automatically get the exact idea of what the invitation is just at a quick glance. Speaking of further customization, I would like the color of the paper to be a powder blue color as well, matching with the wedding's motiff. The couple's family names outside should be on top instead of the first names, just like Smith-Jones Nuptials :) (example only). Then both the first names will be inside (usually on the first fold if it's a 3 fold invitation). And the paper should be scented! :). Very fancy like, but elegant. So, if you are still looking for sources for your wedding invitation needs, try and check their designs and themes. From there, you can easily customize them the way you like it. Cool, isn't it? You have many ways to do it, or if you prefer the design given on the site, that is still fine. So, make that wedding of yours perfect by getting that perfect design for your wedding invitations. They have very attractive designs and styles, which many couples out there would surely love.