Friday, May 20, 2011

Chicago Kia Dealer

Good news for people who are planning to buy a Kia vehicle in Chicago. There's a new Kia dealer in Calumet City, just in case you are in town or better if you are Chicago-based ;). They for sure would offer you great selections of different Kia models, whether you are looking for a brand new model or just used cars.

I still remember way back 2008 when I and my husband were shopping for my first car :). We were then looking for either a slightly used car and we had road tests for two different car models in Westminster (MD). I don't know anything about cars so, I just had to get my husband's help to choose one. I am not fond of big cars as well, and I always like to drive smaller ones...easier for me to manage.
Then the next few days, a car dealer of Kia sent us a brochure and I got attracted to one of the smaller Kia model (brand new), but it was just not a perfect timing! We already got a brand new one at that time with a different car brand.

In due time, we may be needing another one, and Kia is one main choice I listed. I have been receiving good feedbacks with regards to its car security features which I mainly consider the most in buying one.