Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Choosing The Right Sunscreen

Summer is almost here! Wearing your sunscreen daily when you go to areas exposed to outdoor light is one way of preventing skin cancer. It's also advised that even on cloudy days, sunscreen should be applied as long as you think you will be exposed to the sun.

There are many improvements on sunscreen products nowadays and most products now shield you more effectively from the sun's two types of dangerous rays, UVB (which are the main cause of sunburn and linked to skin cancer) and UVA (those rays that penetrate through car and house windows, which infiltrate our skin's deepest layers, and also have been linked to melanoma and premature aging.)

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends the daily use of sunscreen to a minimum of SPF30 on exposed skin. The SPF number indicates how much longer than usual you can stay in the sun without burning if you use it. This only refers to the lotion's level of protection against UVB rays, so make sure the label on the product reflects coverage that's "broad spectrum"; this means it protects against both UVB & UVA.

How to apply:
Slather it on generously, at least the recommended amount which is one ounce-enough to fill a shot glass- for the entire body.
Too little SPF gives you little coverage as well. Apply it 30 minutes before going into the sun, then reapply every 2 hours or immediately after swimming, sweating or drying off with a towel.