Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to Be Discreet in Social Networking

The first and primary way to handle it is to always keep your data private.
Never put your full birth date, home phone number, mother's maiden name or your children's name into any site.
People can hack your identity to impersonate you.

Be discreet by using a fake ID and in creating private profile pages. Keep your personal and business personal separate particularly if what you do socially is inappropriate for colleagues or clients to see.

Avoid tweeting or "friending" executives you don't know, and sending business proposals or job requests are not smart ways to network. Also, avoid accepting too many friends on social profiles. If your goal is to build your business online, befriend only those who can further that goal.

Never try gossiping about an issue between co-workers if it can jeopardize your job, particularly if that Blackberry or PC you're using is owned by your employer, who has the rights to any information on it.
In addition, some executives search for comments made about their company by setting up email updates and Google alerts, so beware!