Monday, May 9, 2011

Pointers To Look Good in Photos

There's more to a great party photo than making sure your wineglass doesn't feature too prominently.

Makeup does a lot of help the way you look in a photograph, but doesn't have to be heavy. Avoid the dewy look, as the flash will reflect off oil or moisture.

Photo captures are best with solid colors, so stick to solid ones. Patterns and lots of jewelry can be distracting.

Choose to stay with soft and indirect lights instead of under a harsh light source.

The basic lens on a point-and-shoot camera is slightly wide-angle, which stretches your features if you're too close.
If someone is taking a close-up photo, it's best to just stand back and use the zoom feature.

Avoid facing the camera squarely. Instead, angle your body slightly, bring ankles together and place one or both hands on your hips.

Your shoulders and elbows will create a triangle making your hips look smaller and shows off your waistline.