Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cool Capitals

When it comes to pure enjoyment, don't miss visiting Europes' five most stylish cities namely; - Zurich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Valencia and Antwerp.
I must say thanks to the joint forces of like-minded tourism industries and various groups that made Coolcapitals come out showcasing architecture, art, food, fashion and design particularly on the cities previously mentioned also know as the "five capitals of cool";).

Coolcapitals is a helpful and resourceful guide for those who love to travel and guides them on these places on what is worth seeing, doing and exploring in the capitals of cool.

Europe's capitals of cool offer a unique guide whether your passion is design and fashion, food, architecture and art, and you will soon discover that these marvelous cities have so much more to explore.

Vienna, the capital city of Austria is commonly called a modern medieval city. Its cultural attractions are the vienna restaurants which are considered to be world-famous, although food in Vienna is also influenced by various culinary traditions of Austria's other neighboring countries.
Vienna is also one of the most culturally dynamic cities in the world due to the excellent mixture of music, art, theater, food and architecture.

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and known as one of the world's most picturesque destinations. It is primarily because it is nestling in the place where water meets the snowcapped mountains.

Although Zurich has become a fascinating travel destination and with a reputation as a premier shopping destination, it also has a lot of art zurich gallery museums that are world-class. The Zurich Art is always lively and is now one of the reasons why stylish artists and designers inhabits the place. That's the reason why Zurich designs are commonly found all throughout the city.

Aside from being a premier shopping district, Zurich is also filled with pulsating nightlife and spectacular stage performances. And how could you resist the food? It always has those creative cuisines that would be one of the reasons why it would keep you coming back.
That's life worth enjoying! :).