Friday, May 27, 2011

Renting Differences Between European & American Property Descriptions

Before signing that dotted line - be mindful of the differences whenever you're renting either in Europe or in America.

First floor & Second floor:
The two is the same when you are renting in the US (multi-storey property).

Ask for the total number of actual bedrooms. A listing that says "sleeps eight" may mean it includes foldout couches in common areas.

Bed Size:
Twin, full, queen and king beds are American distinctions that don't always apply in Europe. Ask bed size in centimeters and compare it with US sizes. For example, a king size measures 198 by 203 cms.

Clarify whether bathrooms are half baths (sometimes called "WC") or full baths with a shower and tub.

Get the specifics particularly in older properties. Bedrooms are sometimes reachable only through other bedrooms.

Ask whether you'll be sharing amenities with other guests such as the pool.