Friday, May 27, 2011

European Food, Art & Design

How does it feel to visit one of Europe's Capitals of Cool? If you are planning to visit Vienna or Zurich, it's for sure you will enjoy your vacation to the max!

Austria is one country you should not miss. Vienna is full of medieval-inspired arts and yet reflects modern character in them. This city is really full of combined arts, music, architecture, designers, fashion and food. And who doesn't love food? There are tons of exciting vienna restaurants to enjoy. No wonder why many travelers would always name this place as a world of culinary experiences. It is because most of these restaurants are world-class and famous.

And by the way, check also some featured places in Zurich where you can catch glimpse on Zurich Art. And talking about art, Zurich is one large city where you can find many picturesque scenes that you would definitely love.
Zurich has been considered as a fascinating travel destination in the last ten years, and one vital reason is due to the fascinating art zurich which is always alive all throughout the city.
There are so much things to visit and love in the city, - world class museums, fashion and designs, and is a place for premier shopping and recreation. I bet you would prefer to go back visiting Zurich the next trip of yours.