Friday, May 27, 2011

Tips to Know in European Villa Rentals

First, try to run the numbers. Given the current economy, many 2nd home owners offer their properties for the first time, and increased supplies mean better deals. A big family can stay in a pretty restored Tuscan farm house for less than the cost of an equivalent number of hotel rooms.

Consider what are the expectations particularly if you are with a group, such as do you want daily housekeeping? or do you want to do your own dishes without a dishwasher? Do you prefer isolated or close to town? Also, if you're willing to consider extras, - like guided tours, etc...confirm in advance to pay additional fees.

Get on the phone to actually talk to an agent to be sure he/she got firsthand knowledge of the place and can answer your questions, such as the distance of a grocery store, presence of nearby emergency cares, or do they speak English? How new are the appliances, etc...

When inquiring about a property, ask if there are additional perks offered such as free housekeeping, use of car or private chef, etc. Some rental owners stay competitive and might give you extra freebies. Just always remember to confirm all related fees upfront.

When signing a contract, make sure it specifies which expenses are not included in the base price, like taxes, AC or a heating pool cost. A basic contract protects you, the owner and the agent and it should also outline policies clearly regarding property damage, as well as what would constitute an unsatisfactory stay.

Consider buying an insurance which can cover you in the event of an unforeseen conflict or any medical evacuation, and can also protect you from delays, bad weather or errors made by the agency. Expect to pay 5-11% of the trip's prepaid, non refundable cost. The cost may depend on the traveler's age in your group.