Friday, May 27, 2011

Collette Vacation Tours

Collette Vacations' site online is really worth bookmarking, (I already did) because of the tour packages they have. One goal on my trip itineraries is to do some asia tours with my husband.
I come from the Philippines, and the good advantage is that my country is surrounded with other Asian countries that have so many amazing attractions and beautiful places still waiting to be explored.
Some countries that interest with are Thailand, Korea, Japan, Singapore or Malaysia and of course China. I still remember five years ago when we had our honeymoon in Hong Kong and one of our itinerary is to visit Shenzhen city, but we didn't make it due to immigration issues that time between US and China. That was a sad part not to see the place, so now I have all the reasons to do china tours the next time around.

i think it's much easier to set up this kind of tour since we go visit the Philippines every year. So a side trip should be easy to plan.

On the other hand, I would also love to do national parks tours and I prefer to do this when it is more on doing explorations. It is quite fun joining an exploration tour and it's quite fulfilling as well to witness interesting discoveries in nature, while at the same time capturing them through photos. My passion for travel became stronger when I had experienced visiting places for excursions and explorations and taking photos of them detailing the facts about them.

Collette Vacations can be a great help for me for my next trip. It would be great doing business with them in the near future.