Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Setting The Bar

When you set out for bar hang out, your diet can be derailed or can change your mood if you're going to down cocktails.
One helpful tip;-take a glass of water when you arrive so you don't end up taking your first cocktail drink because you're thirsty.
Then, you may consider these low-calorie favorite pointers for those who are concern about their diets:

  • Order diet Sprite with tequila and a wedge of lime instead of Margarita. An alcohol shot is somewhere around 100 calories.

  • Order vanilla vodka with diet Coke instead of rum and Coke. Flavored vodkas offer lot of flavor without the additional calories.

  • Order orange vodka with club soda and a splash of cranberry, or a blueberry vodka with club soda and a splash of pineapple instead of cosmopolitan.

  • Order vodka with diet tonic if it's available instead of vodka tonic. Tonic actually has many calories as regular soda.

  • Order one fruit-flavored Crystal Light packet with tequila or vodka and club soda instead of any sugary cocktail such as mojito or a flavored martini.

  • Order 1 tablespoon of amaretto or whiskey in your coffee instead of an after-dinner drink like Bailey's or Kahlua and cream.