Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Botox & Hair Treatments

Botox treatments nowadays are getting popular, not only for famous people, but also to people living an ordinary lives. Any client wanting to have this kind of treatment can easily find a cosmetic dermatology clinic.
If you are in Washington DC area, and you are planning for a botox treatment, a Botox DC treatment would be the most ideal. And if you are in Maryland and close to Montgomery County, a Botox Maryland treatment is a good option.

Botox is considered safe and a very effective anti-wrinkle solution on the face, including wrinkles around the eyes. At Cultura, dermatologists use this treatment to remove facial creases and then to retrain your facial expressions so you won't continue making same creases again. No wonder why many people are trusting this treatment nowadays. Being safe and effective treatment and approved by the FDA, it also gives clients a more youthful and pleasant appearance.

Another common cosmetic laser treatment is Laser Hair Removal. Cultura is equipped with expert staffs in all types of permanent hair removal procedures such as unwanted hairs on the arms, legs, bikini line, breast and even permanent hair removal on the back.
This treatment is very fast taking at least 30 minutes for treating patients full face and neck area and it takes 10-15 minutes to treat underarms and bikini line. As simple as that.