Sunday, June 12, 2011 - Help For Troubled Teens

This entry is personal for me since I was a troubled teen. My family was separated, my alcoholic father gone and my mother was dying from cancer. My grades plummeted my focus gone. Fortunately for me I had an aunt and uncle who were willing to step in to provide the guidance, support and spiritual direction for my life. Most people in this day and age aren't so fortunate.

If this is your situation or whether it's something related, such as abuse, anger issues, defiance, self esteem problems or just low motivation and the wrong friends; I have good news - Shelterwood!

Shelterwood is one of the licensed therapeutic boarding schools. You may wonder what does the therapeutic mean. I think of it as a holistic approach to helping troubled boys & girls. They have a very comprehensive framework in which they provide a wide range of services. For example Shelter wood provides individual, group and family therapy as well as an accredited school for at-risk youth.

Shelterwood takes lasting change and personal transformation very seriously. Their program for teens is a year long adventure designed to foster and facilitate growth through small class sizes, personalized one on one mentoring, small group discussions, recreation/leisure activities and day to day living as a vital part of their community.

The foundation for all they do at Shelterwood comes out of their commitment and love for Jesus Christ who demonstrated through his life the importance of reconciliation and the opportunity to have a new life.

The facilities at Shelterwood are first class and specifically set up to ensure teenagers receive a topnotch accredited education while enjoying the rewards of a new life as they rebuild family relations. From their science and computer labs to their gymnasium, swimming pool, dorm lounges, Shelterwood's students have great opportunities to discover and expand their talents in a healthy positive environment.

In fact research has shown that youth that attend Shelterwood improve significantly in their behavior, family relations, social values and school grades! The key is their caring, dedication and multifaceted approach goes way beyond what traditional boarding schools for girls and boarding schools for troubled boys can provide.

Shelterwood was founded in 1980 to address the whole human condition; the physical, mental and spiritual. It has grown substantially from its beginnings as a testimony of its continuing commitment to care for troubled and hurting teens.

Explore their website so you can see all that Shelterwood has to offer to help teens and their families realize their dreams of a brighter and more meaningful future!