Friday, June 3, 2011

Starting our office recycling program

Guest post written by Dorothy Kilby

It can be tough to make changes in your business when it's pretty small. It's so much easier to follow other people's orders, like if you work for a big corporation. But when you're the head of your own company, you have to do the research and come up with your own initiatives. I'm working up a plan to have our office to go green.

I've been using lots of online resources since I'm not in the least bit a green office expert. A few weeks ago I hit the jackpot on information that I could use for the green transition. I found some really great information on energysavings and changed our energy plan over to one of the plans I found on there.

That was the easiest part of going green. Right now I'm working on developing an office recycling program, which isn't really all that difficult. I just have to buy trash cans and label them for different recyclables instead. Then I guess I have to make sure that everyoneƕs actually following the recycling program too.