Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How To Harness The Power of Many

Knowing what you want to get out of it is the key to planning a successful event. Ask yourself your objectives and take note of them.
Deciding on your goals ahead will help you understand what type of event will best serve your goals and how to reach out to your community to make it happen.

Tap into all of your social circles, - neighbors, co-workers, parents at your child's school, etc...that you are connected to. Focus on looking for those that have different skills. This will help you bring together a strong committee of volunteers.

Create a timeline leading up to the event to help you stay on track and organized. Give yourself enough time ahead to book the key components that will make your event a success, like the right venue and a locally known personality to emcee.

Break your team into group committees and have one leader each. Each group should schedule its own weekly meeting to discuss their progress and upcoming goals, then each leader should convene on their own to exchange ideas, update people on their planning, and coordinate logistics.

Always ask. To get people/business to come on board in support of your fundraiser is often as simple as asking.

Promote your event in as many ways possible like drafting a press release and send it to your local TV news stations, radio stations and newspapers. Ask your local DJ to promote your event during his program or request that your paper run a story on the cause you're raising funds for.