Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Honda Car Dealer

Take note of this all Honda enthusiasts! If you are based and/or a resident of Illinois, a new Honda Car Dealer is now open at Oak Lawn, IL to serve the public. Check the link -

I used to drive a Honda Accord, and I am a living witness when it comes to the car's reliability, endurance and security. For the past 8 years, I didn't encounter any problems with it until I finally had to give it as a gift to a family friend ;).

I then thought of getting a smaller car since I don't have kids and besides, I felt more confident driving a petite car. The first choice was actually Honda Fit, and that was 2008. It so happened, the model and color that I wanted was out of stock and I couldn't wait longer since I needed it urgently, so I ended up with another brand courtesy of a friend who works there.

Anyway, Honda has always been a first choice for me, and although I ended up getting a different one, I would still recommend Honda as a lifetime choice.

So, going back to Honda dealer in Oak Lawn, IL., be sure to visit it sometime. You might want to check and read the Honda Dealer's Blog on this link; - to know more about all of Honda cars' features and quick-specs including the car's performance, comfort and versatility. The blog talks about practically everything about Honda car models so don't miss that chance to catch up on the updates before you shop for one.