Friday, June 24, 2011

Five Types of People That Form an Excellent Personal Board of Directors

  1. The Company Veteran - a seasoned professional who can help you hone the business acumen needed to advance at your company. Search out managers who know how to nurture their teams, and be sure to define your career goals so you can communicate it clearly, and respect the person's time.

  2. The Spiritual Adviser - you need him/her when life or circumstances hit you such as losing a job, unfair treatment experience or have troubled marriage. He/She needs to be able to sustain your soul and engage your spirit.

  3. The Reality Checker - this member continues to keep the game tight by helping you answer the question, "Am I Crazy?" or checking your ego if it begins to swell.

  4. The Industry Insider - you and this member can help each other save face before colleagues and managers by comparing strengths and sharing news and tips on tasks, presentations and assignments,-without revealing any of the company's secrets, of course :).

  5. The Fun Seeker - this member keeps you inspired with her joie de vivre. Always find time to rejuvenate to avoid the risk of burning out.