Friday, June 3, 2011

Repair Pal - A Car's Care Confidence

Honda is always my first choice whenever I look for a car. I used to have Honda Accord but since we traded it away, I never had any regrets using it for more than 8 years.
Currently, my husband is driving a Toyota Yaris, and we thought of only using one car for the meantime since I don't drive too often.
Honestly, our Yaris has its regular tune ups, but having an auto maintenance estimates online like RepairPal is such a great idea! I can say this site is awesome!

I tried getting estimates on our car for a 50,000 miles maintenance and I'm surprised that the price estimate is within the range of what we actually pay. I can say the estimate is accurate :).
The Repair Price Estimator is surely a big help for many car owners because this would at least help them get an idea on how much amount should they save for a car repair or maintenance.

For Toyota users, this is also a chance for you to share your experiences regarding your Toyota car on Toyota Car Reviews. You will be helping others out from your experience as well as you can get valuable information from other sharers as well.
Another one good thing, you can ask your questions instantly online for any concerns you might want to know about your car. Now, that's a real big help you can get for free, of course! ;)