Monday, June 27, 2011

Metal Storage Cabinets

The Durham Manufacturing Company is the best company to rely upon whenever we think about metal storage cabinets. It's because Durham Manufacturing has state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and distribution facilities that produce products centered around the high speed, and precision fabrication of sheet and coiled, steel that utilizes automated forming, welding and stamping. These are the main reasons why they have steel cabinets that are considered to be of top quality made and that are the best quality when it comes to industrial storage purposes.

Several types of these cabinets are made depending on their purposes, from small bins, metal compartment storages to truck and van storage products.

Durham products are not only limited to making cabinets that are heavy duty. They also have ones for literature and mail organizers, first aid boxes and cabinets, material handling products, various sizes and models of shelves and racks and safety products which include the flammable storage cabinet that is now available as their new product. These safety metal cabinets are built with improved security features with sturdy construction and has welded double wall steel construction, making your valuable properties safe when exposed to extreme hazards such as fire.
Their featured products are also worth checking such as the new mobile work stations.