Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How You Can Help Stop Office Rumors

Too much chatter can be toxic. It can be "reputational warfare" if done in extremes.
Here are tips how to stop it without making yourself a target.

If someone badmouths a coworker, redirect the discussion, like;-broaching a new but juicy topic such as "Did you hear we're getting an extra day off for Labor Day?"

If you see someone's about to attack a co-worker for her weird lunch habits, jump in with a nice remark and say;-"did you hear her creative idea for the sales push?"

People also use sarcasm to distance themselves from what they really mean. If a co-worker says, "Oh yeah, that Anna is a real pro", - ask pleasantly; "what do you mean? Didi she say something brilliant in today's meeting?" Forcing her/him to be direct will usually make her/him withdraw.